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Pronounced in-TAR.

Training weapon used by the Goa'uld (and later, the Tauri) in the sci-fi television series Stargate SG-1.

Used to disable (but not kill) enemies—think "phasers set on stun" for the appropriate Trek analogy—intar were developed by the Goa'uld for use in battle training and war games.

The devices can be fashioned to look like any weapon, so intar zatnicketels, staff weapons, and even primitive machine guns are not unusual. Intar fire red energy bursts and can be identified by a quarter-sized red crystal embedded in the base of the weapon.

Intar were first introduced into the series in episode 309, Rules of Engagement, when a military camp of humans loyal to the System Lord Apophis was discovered training with the devices. After SG-1 team members convinced the soldiers that their "god" was dead (Apophis was believed to have died in episode 218, Serpent's Song), the camp disbanded and SG-1 confiscated a number of intar for their own use.

Among the Goa'uld repertoire of weaponry, "intar" was refreshingly easy to pronounce. Having just recently been introduced to tacluchnatagamutoron (otherwise known as "tacs"), SG-1 character Jack O'Neill prompted a humorous exchange with the Jaffa Teal'c, asking him: "Intar...short for...?"

Teal'c's response: "Intar...short for intar."

The weapons would later be seen in episode 513, Proving Ground, where SG teams-in-training used intar in various military exercises, as they practiced for their first off-world missions.

See also these other fine examples of Stargate SG-1 weaponry: zatnicketel, staff weapon, tacluchnatagamutoron

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