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One of my oldest business ideas, and I'm constantly suprised that nobody's gone ahead and done it. heh, I remember... It was back in '95. The internet was still newfangled, and not everybody realized that, if they just got email, that a crabby old timer like myself might have heard that one before.

Anyway, what finally got to me was receiving the third copy of the nth go-round of the 50 kinds of shit joke, but with the word doodie search-and-replaced for the extremely common and only mildly offensive term for feces.

Having spent time working with the Oracle ConText people, and sharing an office with a linguistics geek, it seemed to be a pretty straightforward gig. You send it a joke, and it tells you how old it is.

Every once and a while I mention it to someone, and they give a positive response, adding details (yeah! and you could to an outbreak map, showing the spread of a joke across the country)... unless they've already heard it.

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