Ted Nugent was born 13 December 1948 in Detroit and was teaching himself to play the guitar at the age of 8. (tnugent.com says he was hunting with bow and arrow at the age of 5.) He played in a couple of Detroit bands, but after his family moved to Chicago in 1964, he put together The Amboy Dukes. They released their first album in 1967 and had a hit with "Journey to the Center of Your Mind" in 1968. Over the next few years, the lineup of the band, except for Nugent, changed, and by 1974 they were called "Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes."

Shortly after, even that was dropped and Nugent was a solo artist, famous for unsubtle hard rock songs like "Cat Scratch Fever" and a high-energy live show (apparently the "#1 grossing tour act in the world 1977, 1978, and 1979.") He kept recording and touring with different backing musicians throughout the 1970s and 1980s, but by the late 80s his music was taking a back seat to his opinions. He was vehemently anti-drugs, pro-hunting and outdoorsmanship, and generally politically conservative, a fairly rare viewpoint in the rock world.

In 1990 he, Tommy Shaw of Styx, Jack Blades of Night Ranger, and Michael Cartellone put together the supergroup Damn Yankees and produced some top-selling albums. The hit songs were a lot more melodic than Nugent's earlier work, but the album tracks and the performances where he shot flaming arrows onstage proved that Nugent hadn't changed. Damn Yankees went on hold in 1994 and Nugent started releasing solo albums again the next year. His most recent as of this writing is 2001's "Full Bluntal Nugity."

He has also hosted radio shows in Detroit, written such works as the book God, Guns, and Rock'n'Roll, and magazine articles in various periodicals, produced a PBS series "Spirit of the Wild," served on the board of several organizations (mostly hunting or wildlife-related ones), and been chosen "Father of the Year" at his children's school. He now claims that his hunting provides most of the meat his family eats (even when he's on tour?) and his web site says that he "rock 'n Rolls approximately 6 months per year, hunts 6 months per year."

http://www.tnugent.com/tnbio/index.shtml (all quotes from here)

Man, this guy is nuts.

I used to ride to school with a girl that loved the "motor city madman" and his god-awful talk show.

I once heard him take a call from a mother that had a suicidal son. The way I remember it, the son had tried to kill himself a number of times in the past and the mother wanted to know what Ted thought she should do.

Well, Ted in his infinite wisdom told the mother that she should buy her son a gun and have him go hunting. Ted's view on this is that by having the boy "find" himself in nature hunting, He would see just how great life was and would see the error of his ways.

I'm sorry, this is by far the most insane advice that anyone would give. Where is the logic in having a known suicidal teen go out in the woods with a weapon of any kind a good idea? The man is just crazy and is the last person that should be giving advice on anything other than hunting.

On a side note, the mother agreed with him. Sad sad sad.

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