This show was pure genius. I was just thinking about this and decided to node it. This show is one of the few American TV shows that actually involved intelligence and creativity, a dangerous combo(if you ask me). The show used the imagination of the characters of Miss Piggy, Kermit, Fozzy, Beaker, Gonzo, Robin, Scooter, Skeeter, Bunsen, Animal, and Rowlf. This show was what I call intelligent because of the way it used a child's imaginitive mind. The show used stock footage from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and several other various movies. I particularly liked the use of the stock footage from the movies. This show was actually where I first learned of the great movies of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. I didn't see Indiana Jones till years later, and only several years ago(about 1994-1996) have I become enthrulled and addicted to Star Wars. Truly, there is no way to make a great node for this show, you have to see it to understand.

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