Collectible sticker trading cards manufactured by Topps during the 80's, a parody of Cabbage Patch Kids. Each card would depict what appeared to be a Cabbage Patch Kid who was either maimed, mutated, or in general bad health. Examples include children depicted: in the process of projectile vomiting, as a mutated anthropomorphic rabbit excreting eggs, and farting mushroom clouds. Each Kid had a unique name that usually consisted of rhyming (or some other poetic device) with, or making a pun out of common children's names. Examples include Nasty Nick (alliteration), Up Chuck (pun), Potty Scotty (rhyme).

There were 15 series of cards (I think), and each series had approximately 80 to 90 cards each. Some of these cards (usually 2 or 3) were checklists for the series. Every picture was issued with two different names. I assume this was done to save the costs of illustration. I don't recall exactly, but some cards had parts of a larger picture on each back, that could be constructed by collecting all the neccessary cards.

There were also larger stickers, posters, buttons, three-dimensional wall plaques, and candy.

This created a pretty large fad during my elementary school years. Kids were buying and trading these cards with the same furor as parents trying to buy Cabbage Patch Kids the previous holiday season. Like all fads, the school administration eventually caught wind and banned them. Nothing kills a fad faster than that, but it lingered on, on a smaller scale, outside of school.

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