A drinking game popular at The Ohio State University, although I have heard the game called several other names at different universities. It's a lot of fun because it incorporates many other drinking games, but the rules are a little complicated.

You need:

  • A bunch of cards. You don't need a full deck. Our "deck" consists of the scavenged remains of at least two other ruined decks and has about 8 aces (that's a problem, as you will see...)
  • A lot of beer or equivalently alcoholic beverage
  • A bunch of friends (the more the sloppier, I mean merrier)
  • The Rules:

    Spread out all of the cards face down on a large table and have everyone sit in a circle around the table with drinks ready. One person draws a card and performs the action dictated by the card. Then, the person to their left goes, and so on until all of the cards are gone.

    Here are the rules for the cards:

  • 1-7 Black: Take that many drinks
  • 1-7 Red: Distribute that many drinks as you see fit
  • 8: Story Time - The person drawing the card begins a collective story. Each person to the left must recite the entire story and add their own little bit. If you can't remember the whole thing or can't add, then you have to drink.
  • 9: Nine of Rhymes - First person says a word. Everyone to the left must rhyme or drink
  • 10: Ten of Rules - Make a rule that everyone has to follow for the rest of the game
  • Jack: Jack of Catagories - First person states a catagories (ex. types of beer, dead presidents, 80's hair bands...) and an example (Miller Lite, John Adams, Motley Crue...). Everyone to the left must name another item in that catagory, or else drink
  • Queen: Queen of Questions - The first person looks directly at another person and asks a question. The other person must respond with another question. First person not to ask a question drinks
  • King: Social - Person who drew the card makes a toast, everybody drinks
  • Ace: Waterfall - First person picks a direction and then starts drinking. No one can stop drinking until everyone in front of them stops.
  • Last King: Finish your beer
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