October 11, 2003

 _|                                                          _|                        
 _|  _|     _|_|_|       _|_|     _|      _|      _|     _|_|_|     _|_|     _|  _|_|  
 _|_|       _|    _|   _|    _|   _|      _|      _|   _|    _|   _|_|_|_|   _|_|      
 _|  _|     _|    _|   _|    _|     _|  _|  _|  _|     _|    _|   _|         _|        
 _|    _|   _|    _|     _|_|         _|      _|         _|_|_|     _|_|_|   _|        
            _|                                      _|_|       _|       _|     _|_|_|    
   _|_|_|   _|     _|_|_|   _|_|_|  _|_|          _|    _|   _|  _|   _|  _|         _|  
 _|_|       _|   _|    _|   _|    _|    _|            _|     _|  _|   _|  _|     _|_|    
     _|_|   _|   _|    _|   _|    _|    _|          _|       _|  _|   _|  _|         _|  
 _|_|_|     _|     _|_|_|   _|    _|    _|   _|   _|_|_|_|     _|       _|     _|_|_|    
Know your noder at the Know

UPDATE: The slam's location is now unknown. It will be determined soon. Multimedia capability may be limited. Have back up plans up your wazoo.

We are not limited by text. We are not limited by node. Unlimited fidelity. Hone your own voice and let it go.
Noders do more than write. Noders do more than research. Noders do more. This October, noders will share their do-do.

What do you do best?
What do you want to do most?

While many, if not most, will choose to read out-loud to you their own work as presented here on everything2, with this particular nodeslam, you will be able to do whatever you like, 10 minutes or less. However, to keep everything organized and set-up for those who will likely need breaks of the cancerous kind, I request that if you are planning on using more than five minutes in your performance, to let me know in advance so that I may make the correct estimations without hesitations.

where and when?

This year's Head West! Colonize an already-inhabited place! meet in Portland, Oregon on Columbus Day weekend. It will happen on Saturday the 11th, around 4:30 and will likely be held at the Know thanks to steev. There is much time between now and then, and as time unfolds these plans are likely to mutate. Feel free to send suggestions and comments for updating.

guidelines, by-laws, and offences punishable by lawyers.

  • Aim for your piece to be around five minutes. If it will be longer, let me know in advance.
  • Multi-media talent is encouraged. Bring video (hopefully will have capabilities, but as this is months away I do not doubt that some solution will be found prior to then), audio ((pump up the volume. play music live, bring a recording of yourself, play a music video — even just share a song that you really, really like.))
  • If you don't feel like making your reading a dandy performance, you don't have to. We want to hear what you want to share, any way you want to share it. Just think about the Reading Rainbow.

Butterfly in the sky
I can fly twice as high
Take a look! It's in a book! A reading rainbow!

I can do anything!
Friends to know, and ways to grow,
a Reading Rainbow!

  • People sometimes get uncomfortable at readings. Especially when they last a really long time. For those planning something of a larger, longer flavor should keep a shorter backup piece in handy in case of crowd combustion.

who's reading1?

People start sending me /msgs if you are interested in this, and your name will appear below.

one more thing.

Please start sending me /msgs if you are planning on reading; if you already know what you are reading and what to share it with the world, tell me that too. A anticipated time frame would be appreciated as well.

And so they set out in the friscillating dusk light...

1Reading is dangerous. Be careful. Also note that reading in this context means the postmodern sense of reading, whereas anything is text and the reading is merely the act of understanding, receiving, transmiting, interpreting, and/or none of these things.

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