An typical Israeli sweet, which consists of a mousse-like substance (whipped egg white), a sweet biscuit and thin chocolate coating. The product is usually sold in (Israeli not-so-cold) winter times and is regarded as a sort of a "winter icecream".


The round biscuit (diameter similar to a regular cup) serves as a base to a cylinder with a round dome of chocolate coating, with the mousse filling inside. The height is usually about 10cm or 4".
  _/      \_
 /          \
 |          |
 |          |
 |          |
 |          |
Schematic krembo. I'm not so good at ASCII art.


While eating, you'll break the thin chocolate coating with your teeth and keep eating to the bottom till you're left with the biscuit. At this point, I'd usually eat the biscuit with pleasure, although I've even heard of some horrible blasphemers to throw it away.

The chocolate

The "chocolate" coating is much more often a Soya replacement, used mostly to make the product Kosher Parve, thus more friendly for Religious Jewish consumers.

The brand

I am not sure whether this product is manufactured under a different name elsewhere in the world, since this is not a "traditional" sweet, but simply a brand name.

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