Whelp, three people above mentioned that this was an album published by James in 1993, but no one bothered to give up a track list to aid the lyric fiends...

  1. Out To Get You
  2. Sometimes (Lester Piggott)
  3. Dream Thrum
  4. One Of The Three
  5. Say Something
  6. Five-O
  7. P.S.
  8. Everybody Knows
  9. Knuckle Too Far
  10. Low Low Low
  11. Laid
  12. Lullaby
  13. Skindiving

Laid (?), imp. & p. p.

of Lay.

Laid paper, paper marked with parallel lines or water marks, as if ribbed, from parallel wires in the mold. It is called blue laid, cream laid, etc., according to its color.


© Webster 1913.

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