Laughter lines, or "laugh lines", typically refer to the lines formed around the mouth as a result of aging. Sometimes lines around the eyes are also called laugh lines, but those are more commonly labelled crow's feet.

Although different things can be a factor (prolonged exposure to the sun, dehydration, smoking, etc), laughter lines are usually as a result of, you guessed it, laughter. When you use certain facial muscles often, creases can form that turn into wrinkles. Sometimes these are laugh lines, sometimes "frown lines" (usually a deep, vertical crease in the forehead from furrowing of the brow.)

Wrinkles (or any evidence of aging, really) are generally frowned on in our youthful society. Preventive measures against laugh lines include wearing sunscreen, drinking 8 glasses of water a day, and not smoking. Good skin care is also important.

I look forward to laugh lines, myself. The way you develop them is not solely dependant on yourself; it also depends on genes. The women in my family have the most beautiful laugh lines. Light creases around the mouth, lines radiating from their eyes like sunbeams. The effect is not of age or ugliness, it’s of beauty and wisdom and most of all, happiness.

Laugh lines are not something to be dreaded or forcibly inherited. They are to be earned. They are evidence of facing the world in all its glory and coming out, of course, laughing. When you see laugh lines, it is evidence of someone who wears their heart on their sleeve, who isn’t afraid to show his or her emotions.

If you wish to erase the roadmap of your life, and if you want to keep your mirth a secret, there are no lack of treatments being advertised to erase wrinkles. Whether they work or not is another story.

Various wrinkle creams are incredibly common and promoted as being revolutionary. Another option is Botox©. Unfortunately, this really only helps on lines around the eyes. When Botox© is inserted around the mouth, it can affect the muscles in your smile, giving you a permanent frown.

In my opinion, aging gracefully has nothing to do with wrinkle creams or chemicals. It’s all about confidence. So live, love, laugh. Get crinkly. Can you do any less?

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