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Lav"er (?), n. [OE. lavour, F. lavoir, L. lavatorium a washing place. See Lavatory.]


A vessel for washing; a large basin.

2. Script. Hist.

  1. A large brazen vessel placed in the court of the Jewish tabernacle where the officiating priests washed their hands and feet.
  2. One of several vessels in Solomon's Temple in which the offerings for burnt sacrifices were washed.


That which washes or cleanses.

J. H. Newman.


© Webster 1913.

Lav"er, n. [From Lave to wash.]

One who laves; a washer.



© Webster 1913.

La"ver (?), n.

The fronds of certain marine algae used as food, and for making a sauce called laver sauce. Green laver is the Ulva latissima; purple laver, Porphyra laciniata and P. vulgaris. It is prepared by stewing, either alone or with other vegetables, and with various condiments; -- called also sloke, or sloakan.

Mountain laver Bot., a reddish gelatinous alga of the genus Palmella, found on the sides of mountains


© Webster 1913.

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