I always think of this as a 70’s desert. My mum and grandma used to cook it, but despite the nostalgia I feel for it. It’s a recipe that I never really enjoyed.

It’s a dish you don’t see in England these days – most pies consumed these days seem to be savoury meat or whole-egg based. There is little room in our culture for this most urban of archaic pies.

As it’s name would suggest, the Lemon Meringue Pie (or LMP) is a simple recipe. It’s name is particularly apt as it describes the three most significant components in this dish:

  • (Lemon) A lemony mushy substance that forms the middle and most strongly flavoured layer.
  • (Meringue) A crunchy creamy topping of foamed baked egg.
  • (Pie) A base of pastry, that lines the pie-dish.

Many people consider the LMP to be a poor alternative to the Pavlova.

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