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Liege is something like the 4th city of Belgium with about 200000 inhabitants. It has a strong feeling of independence that dates middle ages where Liege was in fact an independant city but this is now history. The cool thing about Liege is going out in "Le Carré" (the square): dozens of bar with beer in the same four (little) streets.

Latitude: 50° 38' / Longitude: 005° 34' E

Liege (?), a. [OE. lige, lege, F. lige, LL. ligius, legius, liege, unlimited, complete, prob. of German origin; cf. G. ledig free from bonds and obstacles, MHG. ledec, ledic, lidic, freed, loosed, and Charta Ottonis de Benthem, ann. , "ligius homo quod Teutonice dicitur ledigman," i. e., uni soli homagio obligatus, free from all obligations to others; influenced by L.ligare to bind. G. ledig perh. orig. meant, free to go where one pleases, and is perh. akin to E.lead to conduct. Cf. Lead to guide.]


Sovereign; independent; having authority or right to allegiance; as, a liege lord.


She looked as grand as doomsday and as grave; And he, he reverenced his liege lady there. Tennyson.


serving an independent sovereign or master; bound by a feudal tenure; obliged to be faithful and loyal to a superior, as a vassal to his lord; faithful; loyal; as, a liege man; a liege subject.

3. OldLaw

Full; perfect; complete; pure.


Liege homage Feudal Custom, that homage of one sovereign or prince to another which acknowledged an obligation of fealty and services. -- Liege poustie [L. legitima potestas] Scots Law, perfect, i. e., legal, power; specif., having health requisite to do legal acts. -- Liege widowhood, perfect, i. e., pure, widowhood. [Obs.]


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Liege (?), n.


A free and independent person; specif., a lord paramount; a sovereign.

Mrs. Browning.

The anointed sovereign of sighs and groans, Liege of all loiterers and malcontents. Shak.


The subject of a sovereign or lord; a liegeman.

A liege lord seems to have been a lord of a free band; and his lieges, though serving under him, were privileged men, free from all other obligations, their name being due to their freedom, not to their service. Skeat.


© Webster 1913.

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