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It's that time of the year. Brazil and Australia are warming up to spring. The Northern regions of the globe are cooling down to fall. With a little less than half a month left for September, it's time for us to clean up for the coming summer and things warming up - or, if you're Minnesotan, like I am, it's time to lay in a few cords of chopped wood and clean out the fireplace for the coming winter and the roasting of marshmallows.

Crisp, clean, beautiful and crackling down. Leaves are turning colors, gardens are being mulched. Cider's being drunk, apples are being picked bright and crimson from branches. In Seattle, it's the season for pumpkin ales and pumpkin bread.

Tell me about fall. Tell me about fireplaces, tell me about the gardens you're wintering over. Tell me about the coming snow. Tell me about apples, tell me about fairies in the fall and hibernating bears. Give me fiction, give me factuals, give me poetry, give me reviews of fall-oriented books or recipes for your favorite mulled wines and Halloween treats.

We're only running so long, though. Snow can come early up north: just like the fall can sometimes, we're only lasting until October 15th. Bonus points if you can cross the streams with our traditional Halloween Horrorquest.

Oh yeah, and maybe if you're good, there'll be extra treats and s'mores for you along the way.



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