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"The classic building set for generations," Lincoln Logs were invented by John Lloyd Wright, son of Frank Lloyd Wright, in 1920. The simplest sets were for log cabins (supposedly similar to Abraham Lincoln's own). Larger sets were large enough to make larger buildings such as forts. Now sold by K'NEX.

I've never seen them. Thanks for the comments dannye!

These were stained a dark brown color. The texture of the wood was not smooth, but somewhat "wavy." The basic log had notches on each end which would fit others in order to build a frame. Then there were the shorter logs for windows and logs cut at 45 degrees for the gables.

I remember playing with them for hours upon end.

i used the flat ones for roofs, as well. There were three sizes of Lincoln Logs in my set. Logs with one, two and three notches. and i had a little wodden chest which was built by my uncle to hold them in. The box had my first name on it. but not my middle name. That's John Thomas, which I recently learned is a synonym for penis in britain. if I grew up in london, i'd be very upset with my parents. John and the included toilet references (and later the customer of a prostitute references) were bad enough.

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