The object of this game is to drop pentominoes onto a square board so as to form complete lines. When a line is formed, all the pieces contributing to it disappear and you get points. You may also get bonus balls, which allow you to rotate the pieces or remove pieces from the board.

Various features will appear on the board during the game, and special things will happen if you surround them with pieces. The nicest ones are the medal, which completely clears the board, and the clock, which stops new pieces from appearing for a while. The nastiest one is the garbage can. Until you get rid of it by surrounding it or using a medal, a dirt patch will appear every time you make a line. You can't place pieces on dirt patches, so they interfere with making lines.

Line"-up`, Line"up` (?), n.

The formation of football players before the start or a restart of play; hence (Colloq.),

any arrangement of persons (rarely, of things), esp. when having a common purpose or sentiment; as, the line-up at a ticket-office window; the line-up of political factions.


© Webster 1913

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