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On E2, if you are viewing a node that isn't a user or superdoc, you will notice at the bottom two links: "printable version" and "chaos." However, if you click on a specific writeup (by clicking on the "(person)", "(place)", "(idea)", or "(thing)" next to the author's name), you will notice that the chaos link becomes something new: "link view."

Link view is a very useful tool. If you click on this link, it will show you all link destinations in the chosen writeup. These links are divided up into two categories: links that do exist, and links that don't exist as separate nodes.

Notice that if there is a pipe link in the node, this will only show the destination, and not the words that appear in the writeup.

This can be very useful for writers to correct their writeups' links to point to existing nodes. For example, if you make reference to John Kennedy in your writeup, and then go to link view, you'll see that there's no node titled "John Kennedy"! That's because the dead President is noded under John F. Kennedy. So now your writeup is more relevant to the database.

Alternatively, you can use it to create nodeshells from your non-existing links, to inspire yourself and others to add to the database. Use it well, noders!

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