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the wind is drying out your eyes,
and your mouth is open, because
it has to be. your hands are sweating
but because of the wind, they are
also just as dry, your adrenaline is
racing through your body,
and your hand reaches for the cord.
it doesn't open, you're frantically pulling
on the cord now, and still it doesn't open.
the instructor is no longer
on your back, and you look towards
the sky for an answer. nobody is there
no plane even exists, its just you -
free falling, falling fast, and without
reason. you begin to pray,
you pray for your family, and
you secretly admit to everything you've
kept bottled up, your life is ending as soon
as you hit that pavement, you talk to God, mostly.
you try to make up for everything you've
ever done wrong, your scared of how quickly
your about to hit the ground,
and as you pray, your breathing slows
your hands let go from the tight grip,
you pull your chute backpack off,
and you just fall. and as you close your eyes
before hitting the ground,

you wake up, you open your eyes,
you recollect your recent memories
you remember falling, you remember
dying, you remember praying.. but
instead there is a dog curled up beside you
loving you just as much as you love her.
and as you reach to pet her soft fur,
you close your eyes,
and for once you're at peace
with it all.

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