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These days 'livid' usually means angry. Very, very angry. Really hopping mad, in fact. Originally, as Webster1913 points out, livid referred to a specific colour, a grayish-blue.

Probably the changeover comes from the fact that your face may change colour when you are angry. If you ever see someone who looks grayish-blue, they are either livid with anger or asphyxiating.

See angry, enraged, conniption fit.

Your head swims as adrenaline dilates every blood vessel in your brain. You smile. It keeps you from crying and makes it easier to attack with nails and teeth. Your skin goes numb and you can only feel on the inside, which makes it that much worse. Sounds are nearly drowned out by your own heartbeat but your reptilian brain is alert enough to pick them out. Your vision becomes black and white. You only see good and bad and want to remove the bad things. You pause for a moment before wishing her good luck, and walk away.

Liv"id (?), a. [L. lividus, from livere to be of a blush color, to be black and blue: cf. F. livide.]

Black and blue; grayish blue; of a lead color; discolored, as flesh by contusion.


There followed no carbuncles, no purple or livid spots, the mass of the blood not being tainted. Bacon.


© Webster 1913.

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