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Lungfish are an emo/art rock band on Dischord Records. They've released 8 albums since 1991. Excepting the bassist, they've had a fairly stable lineup. Mitchell Feldstein on drums, Dan Higgs on vocals, and Asa Osborne on guitar. The current bassist is Nathan Bell. Past bassists will be listed with the album(s) they played on.

The Lungfish sound is very minimalist. This does not mean lots of empty space. Lungfish groove heartily. Generally there will be one riff repeated over, and over, and over. The drums will sink into a groove and the bass is the secret weapon that makes it all interesting. (I suggest listening with your bass turned up more than you normally would.) Above all of this are Daniel Higgs cryptic/quasi-prophetic lyrics. He's such a prolific writer that he has released two books of poetry, that are also available on Dischord.


Lung"fish` (?), n. Zool.

Any fish belonging to the Dipnoi; -- so called because they have both lungs and gills.


© Webster 1913.

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