Magic sucks. It isn't a quick fix for anything, and I can't just snap my fingers and be happy.

Magic sucks. I've been trying for three weeks now, and I can't even fly yet.

Magic sucks. I've been looking everywhere, but I still can't figure out how they were floating in the air, causing illusions, cursing people, or even magically changing hair color in The Craft. Speaking of The Craft, I still can't find anything about Manon anywhere. In fact, I haven't seen anything in the movies or on TV that I can do myself.

Magic sucks. When I start telling all my friends and family about the wonderful things I've learned, they look at me like I have two heads. Why can't they see this is the One True Way?

Magic sucks. This guy tells me that I ought to be careful what I do, because I might cause the things that I do to other people to happen to me.

Magic sucks. I'm telling this guy all about this coven I just joined, and he's not even reacting. He's supposed to be impressed or be freaked or at least pay attention to me!

Magic sucks. This guy with the wolf pendant talking to me says it's hard work, and requires that I be willing to do mundane things to help the spell achieve results. Well, screw magic then.

This was a summary of conversations concerning pagan/magical flake-hood in general, with some Instant Witch Syndrome on top of it.

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