Realize, that if you have gotten past the title of this page, the warning of "too much information" has most likely been ignored or thrown out the window.

I happen to be an expert on this subject. Frankly, most men are experts on this subject and any who tell you otherwise are either repressed or lying.

Men masturbate. Boys masturbate. Teenage boys masturbate lots. This should not come as a surprise to anyone.

Asked in the chatterbox, the following answer was given:

How does a man masturbate?
constantly and enthusiastically?

Without a survey (and no - I don't want to conduct one) it is fairly safe to assume that the basis of male masturbation is the penis. For a guy, the penis is the center of the world - most especially when that guy is masturbating. Rubbing of the nipple or anus is often pleasurable - but the penis is where it is at.

The simplest (and likely most common - no I'm not conducting a survey) is manual masturbation - the use of the hand. The technique is simple: wrap the hand around the shaft of the penis, stroke up, stroke down, repeating the stroking. The 'depth' of the stroke will stimulate various parts of the penis from the glans on down - the glans being the most sensitive portion of the penis. Circumcision may make a difference here in technique - and no, I have not verified this with any who have a different arrangement of foreskin than I do.

Unless the guy is one who likes irritation verging on low level pain the stroking mentioned above is often accompanied by some lubrication (though, an intact foreskin requires less lubrication (to none required)) - it is "simply" the movement of the foreskin on the glans which is enough to stimulate. In uncircumcised males, the glans is often more sensitive than that of circumcised males. See smegma for more information on this natural lubrication). This lubrication ranges from spit (free) to hand lotions and soaps to specially designed lubricants such as AstroGlide and K-Y Jelly. See Sexual Lubricants for more information on this. Likewise one should read Why Masturbating with Icy Hot is a Bad Idea.

Beyond this point we move to mechanical aids to masturbation for men. Whilst I have no personal knowledge in this area the concept is rather straight forward. These range from orifices and sheaths in inflatable dolls to plastic and or rubber designs. I assume that the interior texture of the sheath is designed to stimulate the penis. In more expensive models the sheath is mechanically vibrated to add to the stimulation.

It is also quite possible to rub the penis against various things such as the bed - picture, if you will, guy laying face down on bed rocking up and down. Likewise, the squeezing of thighs works for some guys - especially if they are already quite stimulated. This is probably not as explored in men as it has been by women because of the required cleanup process that would be required after the conclusion of the masturbation session (assuming it went all the way to orgasm and ejaculation).

There have been some reports (that frankly I don't want to follow up on) of couch fucking or the use of holes in stuffed animals. Please, for the love of whatever deity you worship (failing that, for what remains of our sanity) do not tell me of this.

There are almost certainly as many other techniques as there are men out there - just as there are as many techniques for masturbation by women as there are women. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list but rather an overview of what most don't view. Nor is this an invitation to add your personal techniques.

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