MAPS is the Mail Abuse Prevention System

It is a nonprofit company whose goal is to stop the Internet's e-mail system from being abused by spammers. Our principal means of doing this is by educating and encouraging ISP's to enforce strong terms and conditions prohibiting their customers from engaging in abusive e-mail practices.

They operate the MAPS RBL

MAPS is also the abbreviation for The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.

These folx are working to change thr course of the war on drugs and make psychedelics and marijuana legetimate medical resources.

They are a membership-based non-profit research and educational organization. They assist scientists to design, obtain approval for, fund, conduct and report on research into the healing and spiritual potentials of psychedelics and marijuana.

Their journal MAPS is one of the best published magazines on the subject of psychedelics and their legitamet uses.

Since 1995, MAPS has disbursed over a million dollars to worthy research and educational projects:

Opened an FDA Drug Master File for MDMA. This is required before any drug can be researched in FDA-approved human studies.
Assisted Dr. Charles Grob to design, obtain approval for and fund the first FDA-approved study in the U.S. to administer MDMA to humans.
Assisted in the design and is funding the world's first government-approved scientific study of the therapeutic use of MDMA (Spain).
Sponsored the first studies to analyze the purity and potency of street samples of "Ecstasy" and medical marijuana.
Funded the successful efforts of Dr. Donald Abrams to obtain approval for the first human study in 15 years into the therapeutic use of marijuana, along with a $1 million grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
Obtained Orphan Drug designation from the FDA for smoked marijuana in the treatment of AIDS Wasting Syndrome.
Funded the synthesis of psilocybin for the first FDA-approved study in twenty-five years to evaluate psilocybin in a patient population.
Supported long-term follow-up studies of pioneering research with LSD and psilocybin originally conducted in the 1950s and 1960s.

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Unfortunately MAPS (MAPS RBL |Mail Abuse Prevention System) has announced it is no longer a free service.

Why is this a problem for me? Well MAPS get their nominations from those of us that report spam.

That information has been given freely, and involves a lot of work on the reporters part, you have to

So the reporter does a lot of work.

And then has to pay for the priviledge of using it. That's just not right.

Of course the whole idea of this does leave itself open to some humour, as this post from the slashdot discussion shows

From: Margie ""

Effective Midnight 7/31/2001, all non-subscription access to MAPS services will cease. Anyone wishing to transfer or query internet data must read the rest of this mail.

Send us and the following 6 people on the ACL list 1 DOLLAR. Then add your name to the ACL list and send it to everyone you know. you get rich in a few days day and receive no more spam at the same time!

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