How does that thing that many students despise so much make me smile? Well, I'll tell you.

Math is the basis of physics. All of the laws of the universe that physics describes so well is based on math.

Chemistry is based on physics. The what determines the interactions between the molecules are the physical laws of the universe.

Biology is based on chemistry. The cell is made up of molecules and interacts with other cells based on a number of chemical reactions. The brain cell (neuron) sending a message to my face is a result of the changing of various salt levels, as is the contraction of a muscle.

When I smile, my the muscles in my face corresponding to my big grin contract, according to the biology of my muscles. This causes me to smile. So my smile is based on muscles in my face which are described with biology with is described with chemistry which is described with physics which is described with math. Therefore math, or at least its principles, make me smile.

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