Maud"lin (?), a. [From Maudlin, a contr. of Magdalen, OE. Maudeleyne, who is drawn by painters with eyes swelled and red with weeping.]


Tearful; easily moved to tears; exciting to tears; excessively sentimental; weak and silly.

  • "Maudlin eyes." Dryden. "
  • Maudlin eloquence." Roscommon.
  • "A maudlin poetess." Pope.
  • "Maudlin crowd." Southey.


Drunk, or somewhat drunk; fuddled; given to drunkenness.

Maudlin Clarence in his malmsey butt.


© Webster 1913.

Maud"lin, Maude"line (?), n. Bot.

An aromatic composite herb, the costmary; also, the South European Achillea Ageratum, a kind of yarrow.


© Webster 1913.

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