Confusing thoughts
Tangled with memories
Mere assumptions
And blank faces

Wrapped in golden bliss
With the never ending silver lining
There he lies
With big brown eyes

Me with envy green
Teary to the core
Oblivious to the surroundings
I break down and give in

It’s too late for apologies
My dignity has gone out the window
Post-it notes
Messages in black ink

Fire red and ocean blue
Burning and capsizing
In sync
Failing the course of life

Dreams of running away
Are now fading as fast
As a song lasts
Its time to move on

Autumn leaves
All around me
With no escape
Running away is not the answer this time

Brown eyes back again
What can I say?
That didn’t last long
Now im back to where I started from

New green eyes help me see
What I want
And introduce me to new songs
He makes smiles on my face

Literature music and art
Go hand in hand
So does black and white
No yellow or orange to be seen

Confusing times
Call for desperate measures
I like you more than I had
Originally planned

You bring me joy
You bring me happiness
And smiles that will not go away
But most of all you bring me meaning

Emerald rain falling again
This time the reason is unknown
All I know is that it hurts
It hurts real bad

I'll leave my fate
Up to the tarot cards
Astrological spread
The brightest star

The uncomfortable pain
That I want to disappear
But its company

Fall is here once again
Lasts no time at all
Yellow and orange fill the scenery
Like the sun on a winters day

Its time to go
Time to run away
On this sandy beach
In bare feet
Listening to the song of our summer

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