Mercenaries are people who are paid to fight. They are often used as private armies and by Governments that are trying to augment the size and or skill of their armies. Mercenaries do not, generally speaking, get the respect of professional soldiers.

Mer"ce*na*ry (?), a. [OE. mercenarie, F. mercenaire, fr. L. mercenarius, fr. merces wages, reward. See Mercy.]


Acting for reward; serving for pay; paid; hired; hireling; venal; as, mercenary soldiers.


Hence: Moved by considerations of pay or profit; greedy of gain; sordid; selfish.


For God forbid I should my papers blot With mercenary lines, with servile pen. Daniel.

Syn. -- See Venal.


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Mer"ce*na*ry (?), n.; pl. Mercenaries ().

One who is hired; a hireling; especially, a soldier hired into foreign service.



© Webster 1913.

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