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On the 15th of February, at 15:57 GMT, a rapturous green light flared in the heavens. The entirety of the northern hemisphere could see it, day and night; The Beacon.

A conglomerate of our finest astronomers was called upon to study the phenomenon, and on the third day, a finite conclusion on the matter was reached. The Beacon transmitted not far from typical radio frequencies, and was easily detectable by our standard equipment. The message was simple: In the UV range, the beacon was slowly dimming; with an estimated 48 hours of light left. It was the transmission on radio frequencies however, that told us exactly what the beacon was. The transmission, a pulse of binary that repeated itself in regular intervals of three seconds, was easily decrypted. The beacon was transmitting coordinates of a rolling plain, 100km south of Archangel, Russia.

The location was christened 'Gift of Man', and such it was. Green fields and plains of white strawberry flowers. A gentle rain, and the siphoned bloom of the sun through gray clouds. And then there were the ambassadors of Earth, scores and scores of them. A fanfare of man, woman and child of all creeds, tribes and races. A triumph and demonstration, not of power or strength, but of kinship and harmony. The congregation stood in silence, stoic and proud, ready to embrace the visitants.

And as was predicted, on the forty eighth hour the clouds ruptured with a thunderous clap, and a lone tear-drop commenced planet-fall. Slowly it drifted, a green glint on a silver surface in the distance, impossible to scale against the horizon. Men and women stood agape at the sight, not a sound made by a soul. Our world watched patiently as the Milkseed descended, and no one was afraid.

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