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Many commercial products are available that can be micro waved, boiled or chemically activated or electrically powered to heat up and provide heat for comfort or therapeutically. Some are moist, some are dry.

If the heat is "moist" it is thought to penetrate deeper and be more effective for pain relief.

There is a homemade alternative, a "rice sock". Take a clean tube sock. Fill it about 2/3 full of regular rice (not Minute Rice). Sew the end shut (or knot it) leaving some free space for the rice to spread out. Heat the rice sock in the microwave about 60 - 90 seconds per cup of rice. Apply to the painful area for up to 20 minutes at a time. Rice absorbs moisture and then gives it off when the sock is heated. Caution, these can burn! Heat varies with microwaves and with amount rice and humidity. Be careful. Shake the rice around in inside before applying to skin and if too hot cover it first.

They will release heat over a 10 - 20 minute period.

This type of moist heat is very good for menstrual cramps, afterbirth pains, and somewhat helpful for labor pain.

Also great for cold feet!

Pain from an injury is best treated by ice packs (covered and only 20" on per hour). Heat can feel good but make an injury worse.

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