"Yes, Mark Apamea reporting here from the launch scene LIVE! Our age is truly a great time to be a moth. Not since Mothra took on Godzilla has the air buzzed with such incredible excitement. Quote almost any philosopher you like - moths, by our very nature, desire to go toward bright lights. Behind me is what happens when science promises to make our brightest dream of all come true. Our first ever space-faring vehicle!

"The Sun." The great light in the sky momma told us not to stare at. (I don't know about you folks, but I still like to sneak my diurnal dose). In just T-minus sixty minutes, eight lucky astromoths will be the very first to investigate the surface of the celestial body. The next step on NASA's ambitious itinerary is Polaris, the star once thought to be a hole in the canopy of our world punctured by the gods themselves. Their divine invitation to their very well-lit sacred realm is now in our possibility space, folks.

The ancient moths believed that we are destined to pass through one of these holes, but only in death. Today, science looks over its shoulder at such superstition. We eagerly await the reports of these eight brave souls once they land on the surface of the sun, unless they indeed reach the other side...(laughs)

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