Think, feel, decide, act, experience, remember, record.
It hit me. THE revelation. All the hype, all the talk, all the experience. An epiphany of the highest order.

It came whilst I was sitting at my desk at work, stealing time from my employer for an equally worthwhile cause.


The concept of it had always been pure and clean (despite the seemy underside of Everything) in my mind. A truly inspired thought - a free-formed linking of information, well designed and executed, and something that can be for the ages. Literally.

Everything started out for me as a personal involvement in a large linked and organic database. The odd visit, before a real membership, brought joy and often provoking toughts to my brain. Time progressed, and membership was sought. Originally thought to be a cute way to waste time, whenever you could, maybe once a day for one write up or so. But then I noticed an intersting observation.

People spend a HELL of a lot of time on this.

The first question that came in to my head was "Why?" The simple answer, I thought, was "They have nothing better to do." But that I know now is wrong. People MAY have nothing better to do, but they spend a large portion of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual effort on a database. But it isn't a database any more. It is an entity.

What else but an entity could something so loved, so involving, keep the attention of tens of thousands of people rapt for so long.

Everything is beautiful.

I have read a girl talk about the joy and feelings experienced the first time she spoke to a boy. I have witnessed, albeit third hand, what the effect that seeing an atomic blast going off in your country feels like. I have also spent a small but growing portion of my life donation said involvement to this "database". And now I know that it is much, much more.

This isn't a very interesting node. I don't care if it is up/downvoted, cooled or deleted, I need it to be said. And heaven forbid it gets deleted, I hope someone sees it and keeps it there in Node Heaven. But it has to be said. By me. To no one and every one. Because the revelation that Everything is more than a dynamically liked, user created, searchable database is something that can be imagined before it happens, but when it does, it completes a person more than they could have imagined.

I thought I knew a lot about the effects of computers emotionally on people (see some of my earliest w/u's, read a bit about me in my location node). And I thought I knew what Everything would do to me. But it surprised me, and I now know that it will continue to surprise me no matter what - even those Gods like dem bones and dannye, those infinitely kind people who helped me, and cared for someone as insignificant as a guy sitting on the other side of the world, making mistakes in front of his computer, even they will continue to be astounded by Everything.

This is an organic node by itself - I KNOW I will be back to review it more often than any other I will write. And I have saved a hard and soft copy. Forever will it be available, as long as technology exists.

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