There are several nodes about how unattractive naked people are with just socks or shoes on.

While I can see the "ugh, how dorky" perspective, I can also give some insight into the opposite view.
The socks/shoes serve to accentuate the person's nakedness. It's like they're screaming out "hey! I'm usually clothed, and now I'm not!" On the other hand, completely naked people can seem a lot more boring.
like, "Wow, a naked body, big whoop".

I generally find women with some clothes on more sexy than butt-nekked women just standing around. Scarcity is probably the explanation. The body seems more "valuable" and stimulating when the nakedness seems like a rare treat. The same that goes for why guys will still hunt around looking at pictures of Gillian Anderson, despite no real nude pictures, when there are other similarly attractive actresses with dozens of fully nude pictures available online.

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