For a lot of people, it can be impossible to keep Naproxen Sodium down without food. Personally, I have to eat the equivalent of about two pieces of bread when I take the prescription form. Being in pain and sick is no fun. I tried Aleve, but felt nauseous the whole 12 hours.

For menstral cramps, I take it when the cramps start, and reserve it only for very severe cramps. It does stop the cramps within an hour, but it also makes me feel relaxed / slow-brained, and that makes it hard to work.

Although Aleve is touted as a one-pill wonder, I find that even at higher doses, it can take up to an hour to take effect. Aspirin and ibuprofen are often more effective in the short-term, and somewhat easier on the stomach. Always take Aleve with a full glass of water or milk to avoid unnecessary digestive damage and upset stomach.

Although marketed only as a generic "painkiller and fever reducer", Aleve has both drawbacks and benefits over more common painkillers such as Tylenol (acetaminophen) and Advil (ibuprofen). For starters, Aleve is formulated to last 8-12 hours, instead of the usual 4 for most other painkillers. It does take a bit longer to kick in, so for a minor headache it's by no means the best bet. Also, if not taken with enough water, it can lend itself to minor stomach upsets, so for small aches and fevers, try another pill. (And although uncleozzy recommends taking this pill with milk, this upsets some people's stomachs further or occasionally leads to a feeling of nausea, especially when taken for cramps.)

What Aleve is better at, though, than its companions are worse problems such as "minor arthritis pain, headache, muscle/body aches, menstrual Pain, backache, aches & pains of common cold". Many women find this product works far better and longer on menstrual cramps than any other painkiller out there, even those marketed specially as "menstrual formula" products. The fact that it's eight hours also allows for a full night's sleep, as some people are awoken in the night from cramps when shorter-term painkillers wear off. It's also gotten excellent recommendations from doctors as being a effective tool against arthritis, again both for its potency and its staying power. SOME but not nearly all find it's effective on minor--not chronic--migraines, as well.It's not a "one pill wonder" for everything, but for killer headaches and pains a bit worse than usual, or when you really need something that won't wear off an hour after it kicks in, Aleve may bear consideration.

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