The popular Dutch name for Cannabis grown in the Netherlands. Unofficial figures estimate that around 100 tonnes of marijuana is grown in the Netherlands every year, and that about half of it is exported.

In Dutch "coffee shops" it is sold as skunk and super-skunk, and in contrast to the early days it has a very high THC level. In Dutch marijuana a French laboratory has measured an average 8.6% THC, as opposed to 5.0% in imported grass, and an average THC level of 20.7% in haschish, as opposed to 11.0% in imported resin.

I've been told that most people grow it in their garden in the summer, and that people make enough weed to keep them through the year with only two plants. It is not very difficult to grow either. It's a bit like a weed.

Nederwiet is also a song by Dutch rock band Doe Maar. I have made a rough translation belowfor your addjukaysjun.


This is a song about a plant
a green plant
a beautiful plant
a nice smelling plant
a large a strong
yes a useful plant
it is about the Cannabis Sativa
also known as nederwiet

Yeah yeah nederwiedewiedewiet

We start with the seed
A good seed is one from a plant
That, for at least three generations
Has grown and blossomed in the Netherlands
Some people say seven
but that is a question of belief
I believe
You have to make your own mind up
OK, you put the good seed
in the ground March April
Don't worry about germination and such
That is just unnecessary rush
The plant knows best itself
When it's time to come up
So just leave it
That will be just fine
It becomes beautiful
As good as Congo
Indonesia Acapulco Colombia
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

And now patience
Let it come up slowly
The plant is still small
Encourage it by talking to it
That makes it grow bigger
And bigger and bigger
And it continues to grow
Bigger and bigger and bigger
And then it grows thicker
And then it's September
And time for the harvest
The female seeds
And/or the flowers take them inside
Put them on the floor or
Hang them upside down in the ceiling
And then you wait 1 2 3
Three and a half months
Until they're dry
And when they're dry
comes the most important part in
Cannabis Sativa Hollandica
The removal of the leaves
They give you headache
At least I get it
The leaves they give you
A concrete head
So the leaves
Throw them away
And you only smoke the cover
Of the seeds and/or flowers
From them you don't get a concrete head
From them you don't get head ache
From them you don't get giddy
But from them you get high
Like a Flemish parrot
That is our own

For this nobody
In foregn countries
get thrown in jail
Nederwiet nederwiet
And this is how far this song goes

Note: For the moment I have removed the original Dutch lyrics for copyright reasons, but I left in my own translation.

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