The above writeup, while being useful, is slightly misleading, because it is comparing apples and oranges.

Strictly speaking, you should be able to talk of networking "speed" (better yet, bandwidth) only on networking level 2 in the OSI reference model, that's to say the Data Link Layer.
Some of the protocols mentioned above are higher-level protocols, like AppleTalk (it can run over different lower level protocols, meaning very different speeds).

Another misleading item is mentioning Satellite: even leaving aside the fact that many Internet-via-satellite/VSAT systems are asymmetrical, there is nothing (but money) preventing you from building an impressive transmission center in your garden and acquiring 40 Mb/s bandwidth. Or from using one of those Iridium/Globalstar type things, which will limit you to some kb/s.

All this network stuff is subtly confusing, standing as it does at the intersection of blatant marketing, international bureaucracies and a market that absolutely wants something NEW !!! every month.
For some enlightenment, read: the OSI reference model. Then, read The OSI reference model and TCP/IP.

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