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A neuturalized citizen is a citizen who was born in a foreign country but has fulfilled residency requirements and has become a citizen of Japan.

In Japan the neutralized citizen enjoys all of the social obligations but none of the rights of a natural born citizen.

To become a neutralized citizen:

  1. You must have lived in Japan for at least 15 years.
  2. Speak better Japanese better than the immigration officer serving you, while being humble about it.
  3. Have at least two influencial rich (Japanese) friends
  4. You must have conformed to the ever-changing conditions set forth by the immigration ministry and somehow anticipated the minister's next whim. These conditions are always on a case by case basis.
  5. You must not have any tatoos.
  6. You must have proof of at least the equivilent of USD75,000 in the bank.
  7. You must curry the favour of the immigration officer assigned your file for at least six years.
  8. You must renounce not only your country but also your name. You must take a Japanese name.

As a neutralized citizen you are entitled to pay tax, social insurance, senior citizen welfare tax and a myriad of other taxes.

As a neutralized citizen you are not entitled to the following:

  • To run for office in any local, national or gubernational elections
  • Vote in any local, national or gubernational elections.
  • Consideration for a home loan regardless of your income.
  • Ownership of land.
  • You are not guarenteed the right to enter any public bath, not even after producing your passport.

    This is a parody btw. Some of the items in the above lists are true, the others are not, although it does seem like that's the way things are sometimes

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