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Ng is also a popular Chinese surname. Ng is NOT pronounced Ing Sweet Jesus!

How do I pronounce it properly?
Ng is more of a sound than an utterance. Try humming with your throat for half a second and that's exactly what Ng is. If you know what 5 is in Cantonese, that is also what Ng is.
So basically, Ng == "mm".

Other things about Ng as a surname:

  • It is over 3100 years old.
  • It corresponds to Wu, Woo in Mandarin or Ing, Ang in Anglicized Cantonese (otherwise known as bastardization).

Besides being a last name, Ng in Cantonese may mean:

    5, as in the number.
    Not, as in negation.

Might I add also that NG stands for No Good in Filming Jargon. It is synonymous to Blooper.

randir: kumain ng kanin?

in tagalog, "ng" is an actual letter. yes, letter. in fact it's the 12th letter in the alphabet. and without further ado..the filipino alphabet is:

A - B - K - D - E - G - H - I - L - M - N - NG - O - P - R - S - T - U - W - Y

in terms of pronouncing it, phoneme-wise it's a nasal. it's like the spanish ñ or like the inflective ending -ing but without the vowel sound and definitely a lot less n.

try it. it's wiggy.

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