I realize that
there is an art
to pressing significance into a small space.
it can be as difficult
as putting a lion in a teacup
why is it that
when a single sentence
is broken into lines
(without structure)
it metamorphoses
into a

Less is More, More or Less

If I can say what I mean with paucity of word,
Then why should it change from what I inferred?
If it does the job in five stanzas or less
Then why should that cause you such obvious distress?

If saying "I love you" is as simple as stated,
Then why is the message much better inflated?
Does it mean more, in proportion to letters?
Or am I avoiding the lessons from betters...

Am I cheating by not being overtly verbose,
Or missing the point and I'm not even close?
I don't comprehend - it lives as it stands
Regardless of where on your radar it lands.

Here's the fourth verse, useless and bland
Written entirely so you might please understand
It isn't the word count that maketh the sin
But rather the feeling behind what lies herein.

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