Typically refered to in social standards, but technically can be anything done in the evening.

For geeks, hackers and Creatures of the Night, a night life consists of work and computers, but not neccessarily together.

I love the nightlife, I've got to boogie. The usual context is indeed a social one, and is usually referred to as something that is 'getting to you,' or 'too much for you' - after one has been 'in' it for some time. Involves drinking, dancing, usually drugs, and let's throw sex in there as well. Money is spent. It's a good time, but eventually you have to bail out or it steamrolls you. Or so I hear.

A mutation of our inherent tendencies. Most probably instigated by the disappearance of agricultural communities, wherein, I presume, people went to bed early in order get up bright and early for the next day's necessary chores.

With the disappearance of self-sufficiency and newfound dependence on feudal lords or employers, people may have viewed nightlife as a form of existential protest. Time embezzled during the day would be reclaimed at night, and thus man would also become a nocturnal being due to the social constraints of the day, albeit when he could manage it.

One must not forget the role alcohol, sex, drugs, and loud music plays in this augmented existence. These serve the subject further in revenging himself upon the creatures of the day, which by now he/she despises and views as the binary opposites of his desires.

Sound like my two cents?

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