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An urban denizen characterized by flashy and elaborate costumes fashioned after the glam style. Glamazons crave attention and love the nightlife more than Alicia Bridges. Make-up, long manes, and cheesy 1980s clothing are essential garb.

Like a bright and colorful peacock standing out in a sea of gray pigeons, the glamazon makes its presence known. He or she will turn more than a few heads upon entry and exit.

One can almost always find glamazons out and about at popular downtown clubs and bars in cosmopolitan cities.

The glamazon movement remains a mystery. Is it an underground glam revival? Some casual observers have contended that it's merely a fun travelling costume party. Others claim that the glamazon image is a cheap device for individuals to gain notice and recognition in cities where they feel anonymous or alienated.

Regardless of their motivations, glamazons have created an interesting phenomenon for us to watch.

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