An HTML tag that is a bit old but still seems to be supported by IE6 and others. Has the effect of preventing text enclosed between it and its terminator counterpart tag being broken up if it crosses the edge of the text area. If the text needs to be wrapped then the whole nobr-ed section is wrapped to the next line and if it still won't fit then it just continues past the edge (possibly resizing the page or table or whatever to contain it).


Whereas this text will be broken up if wrapped at the edge of the page <nobr>this text will not</nobr>

This is utterly useless on E2 however, because it's not one of the recognised tags and as such seems to be stripped from any submitted writeups etc, so it's only for use in yer own webpages.

A healthier (W3C officially supported) tag is the <pre> tag which defines that the text between it and its brother, </pre>, is preformatted and therefore shallt not be mess-ed with by man nor browser. Of course text within such tags is forced to a fixed width font such as courier, so it's not a great replacement for <nobr>.

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