Got a dream? Dream log it. Had a day? Day log it. Got a trivial fact, ascii art, an opinion, a grocery list, common experience, uncommon experience...
Node it all. Say anything. Say Everything2. If it's crap, you will become aware of its crappiness in the fullness of time. You can always go back and improve it, or have it nuked.

Namespace it. Or not. Just Node It.

Node ...geography, molecular biology, B&D culture, sex practices of the Hassidic Jews, blonde jokes, your little sister, your sugar daddy, abnormal psychology, the intimate details of your personal religious beliefs, the first time you remember stubbing your toe. I'll love you for making nodes about nodes, I'll hate you for noding about noding... but node it anyway.
Node it all. Node it up. Node it around. Node it over, node it backwards, node it upside down. Node a while. Node all night. Node it over a quick bite. Node for me. Node for you. Node it even if you've got no clue.
Node for the ages.
Node in the moment.
Every node is a work in progress.
Everything is as (un)finished as it will ever be.

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