Both a noun (e.g. "bob the cow has over two hundreds nodesquats") and a verb (e.g. "Wow, ideath just nodesquatted I have no perversions and yet I feel kinky."), it refers to the act of writing up a nodeshell that someone built for some purpose.

One may say that a nodeshell is just a vacant lot, waiting for the semi of meaning to park in it.
Yet, it can be irritating.

Also, a nodesquat can happen in the brief interval between node creation and submission of the first writeup. For example if right now someone noded "nodesquat" with some short virulent definition, while I am here busy with complements and other language whatnots, he would have nodesquatted "nodesquat".

A looser definition of nodesquat is "to write up something that should have been written up by someone else". This is what I did for "The nymphs are departed". This kind of nodesquats can turn into Nodes of experience draining, as the irate noders find the nodesquatter's irritating writeup at the top of the list.

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