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Common terminology used at fark.com, also abbreviated NSFW. Used to describe anything that may get the viewer in trouble. Such things may include porn, or other offensive imagery or concepts (corpses, drugs, Rosie O'Donnell) of an adult nature. Fark is known to be extremely harsh about people posting NSFW imagery in their forums, as it is intended to be a free and open place of discussion where people do not have to worry about being fired for what's on their screens.

Conceptually this is a terrific idea for a public location. By providing a degree of separation between general and potentially controversial material, it allows a greater number of people to visit while still retaining the interest of those interested in the good stuff. And for those who just want to get their jollies, it provides easy access: just use the Find command to search for NSFW and bingo. Boobies were never this easy to find before.

It's a shame that the concept of NSFW has to exist in the first place. Although a proper atmosphere has to be in place to ensure people actually get work done, the judicial deluge of lawsuits and harassment charges that seem to be a mark of recent times has drowned everyone in a stagnant pool of protocol. Instead of a fun and healthy work environment that people can be happy with, we are left with a politically correct vacuum that sucks the life out of everyone. Considering the sheer amount of time and effort that most people put into their careers, this is not a good thing.

Fortunately we are not all stymied by such a horrible affair. And the internet offers us the ultimate escape; so long as you're not caught red-handed. Or you have a good lawyer.

Of course, there's always The Number One Christian Porn Site on the Internet, which is NSFW no matter how you look at it.

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