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Oick or oik - British slang for an unpleasant kid. Comes originally from schoolboy slang for members of the working classes. The term is usually used with qualifier(s), such as 'greasy oik' or 'spotty oik' or 'smelly little oik'. As slang goes, this seems to me to be a curiously descriptive word.

'Oik' is a derogatory piece of British slang meaning 'common' or 'uneducated' - the direct American equivalent would be 'okie', and like that word it is somewhat out-of-date nowadays.

Whereas 'okie' refers to presumed natives of 'Oklahoma', 'oik' most likely derives from the way that Geordies (such as the actor Timothy Spall) pronounce '-ike' as '-oik'.

It is also the acronym for the European property investment company 'Oppenheim Immobilien-Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH'.

'Oik' will score you at least five points in a game of Scrabble, whilst 'Kapitalanlagegesellschaft' will score you lots of points if you have a large enough board.

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