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Philadelphia ("Illadelphia") based rap duo Outerspace have been putting out tracks since 1998, when they came out strong with "We lyve". MCs Planetary and Crypt the Warchild have been friends since childhood, and have slowly but surely built a following. In early 2004 they used their friendship with fellow Philadelphians Jedi Mind Tricks to release a mix CD summing up their career "Jedi Mind Tricks present Outerspace". This was also intended to get their name out and level the way for their debut CD, "Blood and Ashes", released later the same year on Babygrande.

Musically, Outerspace are somewhere between the harsh east coast sounds of Non Phixion and the intellectual funkiness of Talib Kweli. Their lyrics tend to the harsh, but the beats are mild and relaxed, incorporating strings ("Fire in the sky"), piano("Qrown royal") and flute("Front to back").

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