"We aren't there yet."


This is her talking, and she means our car,  headed west on 10 into Houston:

a maze of steep exit ramps and billboards:  Hot barbecue- cold beer!


We have to go North some,  then we get off on a small highway  then we are there, almost 

Her instructions were like the rest of her language, non-linear and flavored with drawl  - so "we get off"  sounds like  "we'll git awf"


"So we are close, but not real close.  Like you and me, sorta close, but not there yet. "   This is me talking and trying to make it a metaphor, because

it is what I do.


Nah, she says,  we're just driving today.  We can talk about that personal stuff later when we are standing still 

Pauses for a second, looking out her passenger side window,    when I can look you in the eye,  ya know?  


I know. 







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