Pseudo_Intellectual says node overtrue.

A statement is overtrue when it is too true for comfort, cuts close to the bone, understates the situation, calls into focus the inadequacy of mere words. Can reverse something that is meant to be positive:
  You're too kind. Overtrued, this statement means You're too, too kind. Your kindness is toxic. You give out big handfuls of yourself and do not take anything to fill the empty space. Sometimes, you have to keep the benefit of the doubt, and not donate it to just anybody.
  I miss you. Overtrue. This is truer than you'd assume. I miss you so it aches, this is not a mechanical assertion. Right now, this is all i do.
  That's beautiful. Overtrue. The mind boggles. Maybe there will never be another thing to compete with the splendor of this. "Beautiful" is both overtrue and completely inarticulate on the subject of this thing.

I made it up. I reserve this right. Thanks P_I.

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