Paperchasing is a hobby where people collect colorful certificates for contacting and talking with members of the 10-10 International Net organization using Amateur Radio. I've been paperchasing for years and I have a large binder filled with chapter certificates. 

The origins of paperchasing came about when 10-10 International Net formed to promote the use of the ten meter frequencies during times of low sunspot activities. This meant that the ten meter signal wouldn't get bounced back from the ionosphere, since the 28-30MHz signal would pass through and out into space.

As different clubs or chapters got together to promote both ten meter ham radio activities and local events and history, they began to make small certificates dedicated to local promotion. By working a certain number of 10-10 members of a particular paperchasing chapter, you could earn your own special member serial number. This would mean that when folks worked you on the air you could help them to earn their own certificates. Some clubs have special members who are Instant Qualifiers. If you work them on the air (talk, exchange a signal report, and get their number), you qualify to join.

Some paperchasing clubs include the Chatanooga Choo-Choo and Peshtigo Fire. There are over a hundred registered 10-10 chapters.

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