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Swiftly sailing on the highway there are empty spaces
between sky and land
between heart and mind
seeking grace in the wheat fields, under multiple power lines
black swirls up behind us – burning the fields
wisps floating among the molecules
the pollen, the open windows
A hay sweet scent of alfalfa sweeps the brow
of your weary countenance

clouds swing through sun burst circles
the bounce on the windshield
perpetrators of the squint
We swim one long, windless stroke through the empty
the spacious void
past this hour you may not love me
after today, no tenderly praying lips
upon mine
my throat is raw from this
and as I pull another hard swallow
we are seizing up the road in arrogant gulps
the rambling vehicle glides forward, going on up
into the halcyon, antediluvian sunshine
You take my hand, long fingers over short
muddy soft, my heart
our adagio
As we peak the hill
a dark figure at the apex
a distant scarecrow visible from the nadir
then the steep descent
and as we fly by, the umbrella’d field worker
leaps into action
the irrigation pipes burst open
explosive fountains of ichor
cascades imitating umbra
he waves in the rearview mirror
my lungs release hostaged air
our destination is the only hope for
benevolent bounties of days
in this storm of interlunar elements
in this moment
you breathe as I do
seeding our own mountain

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